Middle East and North Africa Social Policy Network

Knowledge. Social policy. People.

About the MENASP Network

The MENASP network was created to bring together policy makers and academics to advance social policy in the MENA region.

The MENASP network was founded to advance, exchange and disseminate knowledge and policy expertise about social policy in the MENA region.

This includes providing: up-to-date policy analysis on the key social challenges facing the region; information on social welfare issues for use by the wider public; and resources for policy-makers, practitioners and academics.

The network aims to support quality research on crucial social policy issues and bridging the gap between policy-makers, researchers and the wider public.

The network was founded in 2013 by Dr. Rana Jawad. The network now consists of a core group of globally based academic experts.

Their research addresses such themes as pension reform in the Middle East, youth unemployment in Egypt, child poverty in North Africa and humanitarianism in Lebanon and social assistance in Jordan, among many other issues.

The network also hosts a publicly available online searchable database of social policy expertise on MENA social policy.

MENASP 2019 Conference

Hosted by The American University in Cairo

We are now in an era of major policy change in the MENA region: under the new paradigm of social protection, countries are undergoing major reforms in social policy provision ranging from the introduction of cash transfer programmes to re-adjustments in fiscal policy with major implications for both policy-making processes and citizen rights and welfare.

The Fourth MENA Social Policy Network (University of Bath) Conference will be in partnership with the American University in Cairo’s Centennial Celebration.

The theme for this year’s conference will be “Social Policy in the MENA Region: Policy Learning in the Era of Social Protection”

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