We’ve Moved! The University of Birmingham Is Now the New Home of the MENASP Network

We’ve Moved! The University of Birmingham Is Now the New Home of the MENASP Network

As of October 2023, the University of Birmingham is the new host of the MENASP Network, located at its School of Social Policy. The Network looks forward to building on its successful 10 years of activity and achieving a higher impact for the MENA region.


From 2013 to 2023, the MENASP Network was proudly hosted by the University of Bath, UK. The MENASP Network expresses gratitude for the support provided by the University of Bath and its leadership, solidifying the Network’s role as an essential platform for social policy research in the MENA region.


I am especially enthusiastic about the move to the University of Birmingham as the new home for the MENASP Network and look forward to greater and better collaborations with all network collaborators. We will continue to make the MENASP Network stronger in itself and as an advocate for progressive social politics and policies in MENA countries.” – Rana Jawad, MENASP Network Convenor and Professor of Global Social Policy at the University of Birmingham.


It is a great pleasure to welcome the MENASP network to the Birmingham School of Social Policy, along with Rana Jawad, who has recently joined us as Professor of Global Social Policy. The goals of the MENASP network to bring policymakers and academics together to advance social policy align with our School’s shared purpose: to understand the world and to work collaboratively to change it for the better. I very much hope that this collaboration will bring a renewed focus and depth about the MENA region to our portfolio of research studies.” – Professor Nicola Gale, Head of the School of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham.


We have a very well-established and active group of MENASP researchers at the Universiy of Bath and we are excited by the new opportunities for collaboration that this move provides to researchers at the University.” – Oliver Walton, Senior Lecturer in International Development at the University of Bath.


As we transition to our new home, we will constantly keep our members and followers updated on any changes that happen to our communication channels. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us at info@menasp.com.

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