Rethinking Survivor Pension in Algeria

Rethinking Survivor Pension in Algeria

In this edition of the MENASP’s Policy Innovation Case Studies, Walid Merouani, Center for Research in Applied Economic (Algeria), presents us with a first attempt at analyzing the generosity and efficiency of survivors pension in Algeria.


While survey data does not highlight any wealth gap between married and widowed households in Algeria, the focus on widowed households, when it comes to survivor pension, becomes questionable. This PICS will show that the survivor’s pension in Algeria was conceptualized incorrectly by the government and may not achieve its stated objective of maintaining the standard of living of the survivor after the spouse’s death. This PICS suggests reviewing the calculation of survivor pension and use a means-test benefit principle.

More about the researcher

Walid Merouani holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Caen-Normandy & a PhD in Economics and Applied Statistics from the High School of Statistics and Applied Economics (Algiers). Since 2011, he has investigated issues of pension, social protection and behavioural economics. He has published articles and has been involved in research projects related to these issues. Merouani frequents several research centres in France, Luxembourg and Algeria. Currently, he is a permanent researcher at the Center for Research in Applied Economic for Development where he is the head of the team working on ‘Economics of Social Security’.

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