Fighting Against Violent Extremism in Iraq: A More Inclusive Democratic Approach

Fighting Against Violent Extremism in Iraq: A More Inclusive Democratic Approach

The MENASP Network has published its 11th Policy Innovation Case Study (PICS), authored by Talip Alkhayer from the University of Bath. The study focuses on the risk of violent extremism in Iraq and the importance of inclusivity in social policy and the country’s democracy.


The study emphasises the need for a more inclusive political system that fairly represents all of Iraq’s different communities and factions. Without such inclusivity, extremist figures will continue to exploit existing grievances to sow division and hatred.


The MENASP Network’s Policy Innovation Case Study publication provides valuable insights into the importance of inclusivity in building a more stable and peaceful society in Iraq.



The MENASP Network Policy Innovation Case Studies series is a collection of publications that showcase innovative policy research on the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia regions. Each case study focuses on a specific policy area, providing insights and recommendations for policymakers and researchers alike.


The series covers a wide range of topics, from gender equality to economic development, and features contributions from leading academics and researchers in the field. The case studies aim to promote evidence-based policymaking in the MENA and South Asia regions by highlighting successful policy interventions and providing practical recommendations for policymakers.

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