ECR Webinar: Rethinking Inequality in the MENA Region

With the COVID-19, inequality within the MENA region has only widened further. The question arises of what efforts can be undertaken to tackle the societal effects of the pandemic.


Moderated by Tamara A Kool, MENASP Early Career Researchers Representative, speakers; Dr Khalid Abu-Ismail and Dr Vladimir Hlasny from UN-ESCWA, and Mr Nadim Houry from the Arab Reform Initiative reflected on the definition of inequality within the MENA and also discussed the potential of social policy and a solidarity wealth fund to tackle the rising poverty headcount within the Arab States.


This video is only the first part of the event. The second part was a discussion that was under Chatham House rules, thus unpublished.


This was the second event in a series of webinars organised in the framework of MENASP’s Early Career Researchers initiative. The ECR webinar series aims at discussing relevant social policies related to topics that are current and relevant to the region.


The webinar was open for early career researchers who are either working toward finishing their PhD, finished their PhD, in academic training, independent researchers, or anyone who self-identifies as an early career researcher.


For more information, click here.

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