Update from our ECRs

Update from our ECRs

The MENASP Network has consistently celebrated and supported the work of the Early Career Researchers (ECRs), particularly in the field of social policy. Our dynamic mid- and early-career researcher lunch event was held at the MENASP Network 10th-anniversary conference at Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco. This inclusive gathering offered a platform for ECRs to engage in discussions on mentorship and support, navigating the intricate landscape of academia and job markets. Focused on participant interaction, the event explored pivotal issues such as the influencing factors on academic job prospects and effective self-promotion strategies. Beyond this, it provided a conducive environment for networking, group support, and insights into navigating opportunities in research, activism, advocacy, and building a successful academic career.


Last year, we inaugurated another ECRs Season with our coffee hour (29th November 2023 @14:00 UK time) where ECRs, students, and practitioners came together to share ideas in a friendly, safe, and collegial space. Our first mentoring session also took place on 1st February @13:00 UK time, in which the conversation kept going about the challenges and opportunities our community experiences on the ground.


It is also a pleasure to announce that a new interesting Policy Innovative Case Study (PICS) is now published by Omar Ayouni (Mohammad V University in Rabat, Morocco), one of our ECR community members, so enjoy the read!


Please follow us on social media platforms and keep an eye out for future events designed to empower and elevate ECRs in their academic journey!

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