Welcome to the network

Welcome to the network

Welcome to the re-launched MENASP network. The network was founded in 2012 by Dr Rana Jawad, with the aim of bringing social policy expertise to a region that is demanding improvements in living standards and social protection. Since 2012 the network has grown significantly, reaching out and connecting a global audience of academics and policy makers all with the same common goal.

MENASP network members have contributed vast knowledge and expertise to the study of social policy in the MENA region, a field of study that continues to grow in significance year on year. The re-launch of the MENASP network marks an important transition in the networks development, and reflects the growing significance social policy plays within the MENA region. Part of the re-development includes the new website, version 2.0, which will act as a hub for information, news and details of upcoming events. Meanwhile, the networks growing presence on social media provides an outlet for the sharing of knowledge, as well as a medium for members and the wider public to engage, discuss and debate the latest in social policy.

Phase 2 of the re-launch will see output from the network continue to grow with new publications being released, and the introduction of our new policy papers, known as PICS. Launching in 2019, the Policy Innovation Case Studies (PICS) will offer a series of best practice examples, highlighting policy implementation and key lessons for decision makers and practitioners in order maximise the effectiveness of future social policy in the region.

The case studies will be available in both English and Arabic and posted onto the new network website. If you are interested in, or would like more details about writing a future PIC please contact Rana or the network conveners at: MENASP_network@bath.ac.uk

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