Call for our new Early Career Researchers Representatives (Deadline 31st December 2021)

Call for our new Early Career Researchers Representatives (Deadline 31st December 2021)

Are you our next MENASP Early Career Researcher Representative? Read the description below and apply by 31st December 2021.


The MENA Social Policy Network brings together policymakers and academics to advance social policy in the MENA region; seeking to advance, exchange and disseminate knowledge and policy experts about social policy in the MENA region. Within the MENA Social Policy Network, there is the MENASP Early Career Researchers (ECR) Initiative (since 2020). This Initiative works toward providing more exposure to researchers and academics who are in the early stages of their research career path.  Key activities as part of this initiative include organising coffee mornings, webinars and mentoring sessions. The mentoring sessions will discuss topics that can contribute to enhancing the professional careers of early careers researchers who are researching social policies about the MENA region. The webinars session will discuss relevant social policies related topics which are current and relevant to the region.


For an overview of past events, see this blog. Forthcoming events that are planned for the Spring of 2022 include a coffee morning on the 9th of February, a mentoring session on publication to be scheduled for mid-March, and a roundtable on Gender and Social Protection for mid May.


To become an ECR member:

If you are interested, you can register here to be included in the expert database and sign up here for the MENA Social Policy Network Newsletter if you have not done so yet. When registering for the newsletter, there is a box where you can indicate that you are an ECR researcher. Please select this box when registering so we can send tailored information.


ECR Representative

Within the ECR membership, there are 2 – 3 ECR representatives who support the organisation of the ECR initiative. The MENA SP ECRs representatives seek to create awareness on both academic and non-academic career trajectories, to provide networking opportunities for early career researchers, and to allow for learning and highlight work by early career researchers. Currently, Dr Noor Alabbas and Tamara A. Kool are our ECR representatives. As an ECR representative, you will join them in organising events, workshops and other relevant activities. You will have the opportunity to develop your own thoughts and organise events on how to further promote and include ECRs in the MENA SP Network.


Possible tasks:

  • Write blogs and newsletter items
  • Organise roundtables on topics of interest to ECRs
  • Organise mentoring session
  • Maintain contact
  • Organise coffee mornings
  • Potentially conduct interviews to further extend our podcasts



You need to be an early career researcher* who works on social policy in the MENA. This is a voluntary position for 2 years. It will take approximately 4-8 hrs a month, depending on whether events are being organised. There will be a small reimbursement.


Interested, what do you need to do

Please provide:

  1. a short motivation statement of 2-3 paragraphs why you are interested and what you would bring to the ECR Initiative team, and
  2. attach your CV.

Applications should be sent to & by the 31st of December. We will aim to get back to you by mid-January on the next stages. We look forward to hearing from you!



ECR definition

*The early career researcher is defined as any individual who is working toward finishing their PhD, finished their PhD, in academic training, independent researchers, or anyone who self-identifies as an early career researcher. We do not have a specific number of years after finishing a PhD or taking an academic role (teaching and research, part and full time) to be defined as an early career researcher.


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