Cairo Policy Lab – April 2019

Cairo Policy Lab – April 2019

‘Policy Problem Solving and the Impact of Takaful’


The Cairo Policy Lab events are a joint venture between the MENA Social Policy Network based at the University of Bath, researchers from Cairo University, and the British Council. The October Lab Event (October 28-29, 2019) will bring together Egyptian researchers, policy stakeholders, and international guests from the MENA region and beyond to discuss social policy reform in Egypt.

In the lead up to the October event, the MENASP network and its partners will convene three day-long roundtable discussions on relevant topics. These shorter events provide a forum for a broad range of actors to discuss the current policy situation and investigate new research to foster evidence-based policymaking.  The first of these events took place in April and focused on the micro-level impacts of the Takkaful cash transfer program. (Read about the April Cairo Policy Lab.)

During the week of June 16-20, 2019 (exact day TDB), the MENASP network will host a second Cairo Lab roundtable event. Participants will unpack the relationship between social policy and subsidy reform through a macroeconomic lens. The schedule of events for the day will be announced soon.

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