Winter 2024 Newsletter: Forward –  A Year in Review

Winter 2024 Newsletter: Forward – A Year in Review

It has been a pleasure and a great honour to collaborate with a range of colleagues, near and far, as part of the MENASP Network and to reach the important milestone of a 10th-anniversary year. Read our Winter 2024 Newsletter.


This effort produced more than the sum of its parts in that the MENASP Network is now recognised internationally as a trusted space for the production and dissemination of rigorous research and knowledge to help enhance the practice of social policies in the MENA region. With this great privilege in mind, I would like to reiterate a personal invitation to colleagues to continue to support this effort and to thank you for shaping the field of social policy in this region.


I am especially enthusiastic about the move to the University of Birmingham as the new home for the MENASP Network and look forward to greater and better collaborations with all network collaborators. On this, I can be reached directly at and always welcome suggestions and views to on how we can continue to make the MENASP Network stronger in itself and as an advocate for progressive social politics and policies in MENA countries.


It will not go amiss, however, to many readers that this newsletter coincides with a very sad time for the MENA region. There is no need for social science research to know that war, conflict, and violence are against the better things than humanity is capable of. As a research organisation contributing to the mission of social justice that is widely held among civil society and academic bodies already active in the MENA region, the MENASP Network will continue to be a research space dedicated to the advancement of social rights and welfare, and I would like to extend my personal condolences to all colleagues affected by the conflict.


Rana Jawad

Network Convenor

Professor of Global Social Policy, University of Birmingham (UK)

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