Call for Papers: Publication of Conference Proceedings – 10th Anniversary Conference

Call for Papers: Publication of Conference Proceedings – 10th Anniversary Conference

The MENASP network was honoured to have co-hosted its bi-annual 10th anniversary conference with IMEA at Mohammad V University in Rabat (Morocco) on 12-13 July 2023. Following the communication at the time of publishing conference proceedings, we are pleased to announce that the call for papers is now open until 1st March 2024.


Interested applicants are invited to submit an outline paper of 1500 words in English* to include the following:


  1. Names, affiliation and email contact of author(s) (noting who the lead author is as appropriate)
  2. The key objectives and rationale of the paper,
  3. The data and research method the paper is based on,
  4. The key findings with reference to global social policy where applicable,
  5. The key contribution to knowledge of the paper,
  6. A list of references (included in the word count)


The call for papers is based on the conference programme description and as such, applicants are free to choose the theme that best fits their outline paper. The first journal that we will approach is “Global Social Policy” and as such, it will be important for papers to consider how they address global social policy issues for example by referencing the SDG 2030 agenda, the challenges and opportunities of international policy transfer or the influence of international donor agencies (please refer to the journal webpages for further information and if you need access, contact


Decisions on the outline papers will be made in the Spring of 2024. The successful authors will be invited to work collaboratively with Prof Yamina El Kirat El Allame ( and Prof Rana Jawad ( to produce and submit a proposal to eligible journals, starting with “Global Social Policy”.


Outline papers should be sent to both MENASP MAILBOX: and IMEA Mailbox: by the call deadline of 1st March 2024. Informal enquiries about the call may be sent to Profs Yamina and Rana on the above emails.


If you would like to submit a paper in French or Arabic, please contact Rana Jawad directly to discuss what options are available to you via the MENASP Network platform. Unfortunately, the journals we are targeting on this occasion are all in the English language.

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