Cairo Lab - April 2019

'Policy Problem Solving and the Impact of Takaful'

On 14 April 2019, Cairo University hosted a roundtable discussion titled ‘Cairo Policy Lab April: Policy Problem Solving and the Impact of Takaful’ as part of the Social Mobilization for MENA Social Policy project organised by the University of Bath in partnership with the University of Cairo and the British Council in Egypt.

This one-day event brought together members of civil society as well as representatives from national and international research organizations and donor agencies to discuss policy problem-solving techniques in light of the Egyptian cash transfer policies, Karma and Takaful. Ms. Hoda El-Enbaby (Research Associate, International Food Policy Research Institute) presented results from the recent IFPRI impact evaluation of Takaful policies, including quantitative and qualitative evidence of its impact on the social and economic well-being of program participants.

Dr. Racha Ramadan (Associate Professor, Cairo University) led a fruitful discussion of study and future possibilities for Takaful. In the afternoon, Dr. Rana Jawad (MENASP network convenor, University of Bath) elaborated on policy problem-solving techniques and evidence based solutions. Participants defined a set of pressing social policy issues and worked together to assess the evidence available to address them. Topics examined included the lack of women’s empowerment, the narrow space for social research, the need for sustainable employment, and general tendency for replicating social policies from elsewhere.

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